4296 | Tele caller


WalkIn_Telecaller (Only Female)


Trimurti Chowk




10-11-2020, 11-11-2020, 12-11-2020

11:00 am - 3:00 pm


Education Specialisation Details
Graduate Graduate - Any

8000 / per month

8000 / per month

Banking/ Financial Services


Front Office / Receptionist / Tele caller

Tele caller




10:00 am To 6:30 pm

Note - Good communication Skills (English Must)

MS- Office required


  • Obtaining and updating lists of individuals' contact details.
  • Calling active and budding clients to encourage the purchase of items.
  • Addressing clients' uncertainties, grievances, and suggestions on time.
  • Noting important details of each conversation.
  • Communicating verbal acceptances of offers to our Sales team for closing.
  • Recording all successful and unsuccessful attempts to close sales.


Skills -

  •  Patient,
  • Persuasive 
  • Persistent
  • Communication skills 
  • MS-Office 


Please Note -

1. Read the job profile, gender, experience, qualification, job location and salary range before you apply.

If you do not match any of these and still you apply, DSource will issue you an ICL, but the client will not conduct your interview.

2. In your ICL we provide the company contact number, Call them before you actually go for interview.

3.Vacancy can get filled any time at client company, hence even if you have received ICL, DSource does not take responsibility of your interview being conducted

1.आपण अर्ज करण्यापूर्वी जॉब प्रोफाइल, लिंग, अनुभव, पात्रता, नोकरीचे स्थान आणि पगाराची श्रेणी वाचा.

आपण यापैकी कोणत्याही गोष्टीशी जुळत नसल्यास आणि तरीही आपण अर्ज केल्यास डीएससोर्स आपल्याला आयसीएल देईल, परंतु क्लायंट आपली मुलाखत घेणार नाही.

2. आपल्या आयसीएलमध्ये आम्ही कंपनीचा संपर्क क्रमांक प्रदान करतो, आपण प्रत्यक्षात मुलाखतीसाठी जाण्यापूर्वी त्यांना कॉल करा.

3.क्लायंट कंपनीत कोणत्याही वेळी रिक्त जागा भरल्या जाऊ शकतात, म्हणूनच आपण आयसीएल प्राप्त केला असला तरीही डीएससोर्स आपल्या मुलाखतीची जबाबदारी घेत नाही


Uploaded vacancy by Hetvi 

Uploaded vacancy on 6th Nov 2020

Key Skills

Expected Sector

Company Facilities

Company Profile

Establishment year: 2018
Type of Company: Banking/ Financial Services
Number of People Working: 10+
Number of offices/factories: 1
Office Locations: Parijat Nagar , Nashik
Turnover: Above 30 Lacs
Company Product / Service: Insurance

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