D|Source is professional pre placement Training and Placements Company with a sole mission to help candidates achieve their dream career by sky rocketing their skills and to provide confident and competent professionals to Organizations.
It’s often said that “FAILING TO PREPARE IS PREPARING TO FAIL”, so preparation before an interview IS A MUST. And at D|Source we give all the skills necessary to crack an interview.

Are you scared of interviews???
The correct knowledge and guidance can turn almost anything into something extraordinary. This is the principal behind D|Source - Pre Placement Training Program. We believe the correct value-ads will give you that extra edge. Our programs will equip you to excel in the professional world. Preparing you for any career you go on to choose.
If you are a graduate or post graduate and looking for a bright career but are scared to face interviews or tired of unsuccessful interviews “D|Source” will give you the right skills and confidence to excel in the interviews.

Our Mission

To empower job seekers to achieve their dream career by sky rocketing their skills

Our Vision

To train and mould students to be confident and pursue their dream career.

Our Values

We believe in Smart work and Self motivation.



“Employability is equal to smart work and preparation” Graduates look forward to higher salaries and more job opportunities, but employers have warned that students still lack the "soft skills" needed in most workplaces.

Having college degree is no longer sufficient to get a job. At one end students complain that they do not get a job and at the other end employers say that they are not getting skilled employees. The survey of the graduate job market, published by the Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR), found that 43% of employers were unable to fill all their graduate vacancies last year - up more than 10% last year - because students had failed to match academic achievement with leadership, teamwork and communication skills.

Why is there mismatch? The only reason is lack of required skills to excel in the interviews.

D|Source is formed with a single aim and that is to help candidates sharpen their skills and confidently face interviews. We believe that if a candidate is prepared for the interview he will excel with flying colors and get his dream job and we will help the candidate in this process thro are extensive training in interview preparation.

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